WD 130 CNC
Customer: DPM Lúky
Thischine is a smaller variant of the machine W 160 and is suitable for highly productive drilling, boring, milling and thread manufacturing especially for large and heavy workpieces. This type of machine can be supplemented by several working field and rotary tables.
The scope of modernization: main drive and new drivers Siemens, the new Siemens control system 802, the new Siemens motors, new electrical cabinet with elements, new wiring, new linear scales in 4 axes ESSA and more.
Workspindle diameter
130 mm
Clamping taper
ISO 50
X…transversal travel of table
3200 mm
Y…vertical travel of headstock
2300 mm
Z…longitudinal travel of table 1120 mm
W…spindle stroke 400 mm
Main motor power
19 kW
Total area
6500x5000x7650 mm
Machine weight
69 200 kg