Dismantling, transportation, machinery and production lines moving

Since 1993 when our company launched the dismantling of machinery for the VOEST ALPINE Austria, we have successfully completed many relocation projects of machines, production lines and heavy loads.

Along with the insurance of liability by ALLIANZ we offer following services:

  • Dismantling of machinery and technological devices
  • Machinery short-term storage
  • Machinery cleaning, preservation and packaging
  • Drain and disposal of working fluids and oil
  • Machinery transport
  • Containers loading and shipping
  • Design of machine tool layouts and construction changes
  • Positioning and adjustment of machine tools and production lines
  • Installation, connection and machine start-up
  • Machine geometry setting, machine accuracy tests and protocol


  • Moving production lines for the company TRW in Nove Mesto nad Vahom
  • Moving production lines for the company Škoda Auto Mladá Boleslav
  • Moving whole production of Matador Automotive Bratislava to Dubnica nad Vahom

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