Machine tool calibration

Our Company offers geometric precision measurement, machine tool diagnostics, calibration and adjustment of machine tools using the special equipment from the companies RENISHAW and WYLER. The results are processed by specific software with graphical output.

Types of measurements:

  • Measurement of straightness, uprightness and flatness of sliding surfaces by electric water-level
  • Measurement and error diagnostics of machine tools with laser interferometer RENISHAW
  • Measurement and calibration of linear and rotary encoders
  • Measurement of the geometric accuracy of conventional machine tools, including geometry adjustment
  • Complete diagnosis of CNC machine tools, geometry setting and compensation of errors in the machine control system


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Diagnosis System Ballbar

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It is the world’s most accepted system for assessing the state machine.

The data collected are used to calculate the overall impact on the positioning accuracy(roundness, circular error) in accordance with international standards such as ISO 230-4.

Data to help support the diagnosis and displayed graphically and also in numericalformat.

Using software to identify up to 15 types of machine errors with the assessment of theirimpact on the overall positioning accuracy. In short, the system is capable of in-depthdiagnosis of the machine to the nearest 0.1 mm.

Regular testing machine system Ballbar guarantee the accuracy of parts produced on CNC machines, ynižuje downtime, scrap and the cost of control of the machine,assisted by the compliance of the operating parameters of the machine with thestandards of quality management, through identified sources of error contributes to the timely and proper maintenance.

Ballbar and laser working together for your benefit. 


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They are ideal for simple and cheap measuring flatness especially when measuringgeometry machines without a control system or in different machinery or fitting.

With accuracy up to 1 m / m. BlueSYSTEM consists of measuring and scoring the spirit levels BlueLEVEL BlueMETER software allowing on-line assessment and presentation of measured values.